What makes this such a great country are the different points of view that come from individual experiences.  Among those experiences are divorce and child custody matters.  There are two distinct perspectives on such issues and I have been presenting my own, as a divorced mother of two, for quite some time.  It’s not enough.

I’ve recently had a desire to join forces with someone who is experienced, opinionated, and knowledgeable about divorce and child custody (and all of the associated issues that make them so difficult) – a divorced father.  I have been searching high and low for a co-columnist to share that side of divorceOpens in a new tab. and child custody.

It is important to see each side and know what the other side thinks and experiences as well.  Our new column will offer everyone a chance to do just that.  Post-Divorce Point of View will appear each week on Friday.  There will be a topic to dissect and discuss and we’ll kick it off with a “he-said/she-said”.  Sometimes our points of view will be similar.  Sometimes they may be different.  Whichever the case, you will see both a divorced mother’s perspective and a divorced father’s perspective.

We encourage you all to jump in with your own points of view as well, because this is going to be an interactive forum for discussion.  While we are all for vigorous debate and discussion, our expectation is that this will not devolve into personal attacks and unnecessary vulgarity.  Speak your mind!  Understand, though, that this is about educating everyone on what we’re seeing, thinking, feeling, and doing from our perspectives and trying to gain insight into what you’re experiencing, too.

So, without further adieu, I introduce you to the “he-said” side of Post Divorce Point of View, Michael Ambrose!

Michael Ambrose is a divorced father of two young children and operates the website Mr. Custody CoachOpens in a new tab..  Originally created in 2009 to be a resource for others; it is built upon his experiences in family court, the experiences of those he and his partners have helped, along with his own self-study on all issues surrounding divorce, child custody, family court and beyond.  It quickly gained popularity for people who recognized their own significantly hostile divorce and child custody experiences.  These folks were desperate for an understanding ear and guidance at a reasonable cost.  Since then, the site and its private forums have been a place where people experiencing high-conflict divorce and child custody matters can share their own (both good and bad), trade ideas and suggestions in order to minimize the negative mental, physical, and financial impact on their families and to help them more meaningfully win child custody.  The site and its articles provide a wealth of resources to help others navigate their way through the troublesome family court system more effectively with a real world view not often provided through conventional outlets.

Michael and I look forward to some spirited interaction as we break it down divorce and the after effects into what he thinks and what she thinks.

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