Your kids drive you crazy.  Something none of us like to admit, but we have all been there.
Whether you are married or single, your kids will at some point drive you crazy.  Admit it, it feels good, and not only that, there is no shame in it!  After all, kids do drive us insane once in a while.

The advantage to being married when they drive you crazy is that you can pass them off to your spouse.  But, when you are single it is all on you.  And, you feel so guilty when you say it.  You fought hard to have the time you have with your children.  You love them and want to nurture them, but when they are fighting and whining they still drive you crazy.  So, when there is no one else to turn to during these periods of insanity, how do you cope?

1.       Go to your “special place”.  It can be your bathroom, where you can lock the door and have some peace for a few moments, or your closet with the lights off.  Wherever it is, go to it and sit in the quiet and breathe.  Close your eyes and let your mind go blank and just breathe.

2.      Do something that makes YOU happy.  Turn on the music and dance, bake a cake, read a book or take a bath.  Take your mind off the insanity that you cannot tolerate and find your happy place.

3.      Take the kids on a walk or a bike ride.  Sometimes getting outside and getting some fresh air puts a fresh perspective on your attitude and theirs and helps get out the frustration.

4.      Put on an exercise tape and work up a sweat.  My kids love to exercise with me, so have yours join in.  It is not only an outlet for them, but for you as well.

5.      Call a friend and vent!  It is hard to lay it out on friends, but that is what real friends are for.  If you can’t vent to them without judgment, then who can you vent to?

6.      Send your children to their rooms for a time out for them and peace and quiet for you.  A little time out won’t kill them, and will do wonders for your patience level.

7.      Put on a video for your kids.  No, you should not use the television as a babysitter, but sometimes you need a break.  When you do, use the tools you have.  Don’t feel guilty because you have spent all day and night with your children and need some peace.  Turn on the television and take a breather.  If they quiet down and you quiet down, watch with them!

8.      Set up play dates for your children.  Even if it means calling in some favors, it will give you a well deserved few hours to yourself, where you can regroup, recharge and refresh.

9.      Encourage your children to put on a play for you.  Tell them you want them to go and make one up and while they are “practicing”, take that time to flip through a magazine or read your emails.

10.  Have yourself a good cry.  Sometimes the best medicine in the world when your kids drive you crazy is to sit down and have a good cry over the situation.  When you are finished, wipe away the tears and put a smile on your face to parent all over again.

What are some things you do when your kids drive you crazy?

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