Dating after divorce can be overwhelming.  You have so many things to throw into the mix.  You have your kids, his kids, when to meet said kids.  You have your visitation, his visitation and when to make time for ya’lls visitation.  You have am I ready, should I be ready, when will I be ready.  And, finally, there is the how, when and where will I meet someone.

If you are divorced, you know that the bars and clubs are not an option, and let’s face it, how often do you meet someone in a grocery store.  There are always fix ups, but those can fall along the, don’t mix business and friendship motto.  And, then there is the internet, where the options seem to be limitless and frankly, most of them suck.

I shouldn’t knock internet dating, after all, that is where I met my ex husband.  Okay, maybe I should, but it does seem to work when you pull all the bad weeds out of the pile, which leaves a handful of decent prospects.  Dating in general is daunting, isn’t it?

The other night, a friend of my mother’s asked me to fix her daughter up, who is going through a divorce; an ugly messy divorce.  Her mother’s exact words, “She’s not looking to date, just someone to talk to.”  My exact response, “She needs a coach or a therapist, not a date.  She isn’t ready to date.”

I have had several clients that want to be fixed up, because they feel they should be dating.  Their ex is dating, so they should be too.  After all, isn’t this a competition?  NO!  There is a right time and a wrong time for dating, and if you date at the wrong time, the end result is disaster.

But, this got me thinking.  What is needed is a place where divorcees can meet divorcees.  A place where divorced men and women can mix, mingle and maybe meet.  A place that offers advice about dating with children, seminars and help for those that want to get out there but just don’t know how to do that after being a couple for 30 years.

Thus, The Post Divorce Dating Club or The Divorce Dating Club!  This is a safe place that will provide resources to help you navigate the world of dating after divorce with kids.  The club is in its infancy, in fact, I just came up with it the other day, but it will have its own home very soon.

This club is exclusive to people who are divorced or separated.  This club is FREE to join.  This club may be very good for your social life.  It will be community based, and I have many hopes and dreams for it, which I hope all of you will help me make into a reality.  This is not an internet dating site, but that doesn’t mean I might not partake in some offline matchmaking from some online joiners.  My matchmaking abilities are unmatched, and have generally made a match!

If you are interested in joining this exclusive free club, where you must be a member of the divorce team to join, please leave me your info on our sign up page, and as soon as we go live, you will get an email where the new home is.

In the meantime, you can always contact me at with any questions regarding the club or the services that it is going to offer.  I look forward to meeting and greeting all of you at this wonderful safe post divorce dating experience, as we mix, mingle and maybe meet.

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