Does Penis Pumping Actually Improve your Erections?

Penis pumps are often marketed as tools to help improve your erection, increase your sexual performance, and even increase the size of your penis if used constantly. Today, we’re going to skip the latter two marketing ploys and focus on the first one: Does penis pumping actually help to improve your erections?

better-erectionHow do you get a better erection?

In order to learn how to improve your erection, it is important to know how you get an erection in the first place.

Erections are caused by blood flow being rerouted to the penis when the brain senses a source of arousal. This source can be physical (stimulation) or mental (fantasy), but the result is the same. Blood flows into the Corpora Cavernosa, creating the erection.

What is the Corpora Cavernosa? It is the scientific name for the chambers within the penis that fill with blood when the penis becomes aroused. The more blood that the penis can hold, the larger and harder your erection can become.

As such, the quality of an erection is limited by the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa within the penis.

Can you improve your erections?

In theory, yes, you can improve your erections. If you can find a technique that allows you to expand the Corpora Cavernosa within the penis, this in turn would improve the strength and hardness of your erections.

This is where penis pumping comes in.

penis-pump-in-actionWhat is penis pumping?

Penis pumping is a technique that requires the use of a vacuum tube. This specially designed tube will fit around the base of the penis, entirely enclosing the member and creating an air-tight seal. By removing the air or creating a vacuum in a water filled chamber, depending on the type of pump you choose, you create a steady gentle suctioning action that pulls more blood into the penis.

In the short term, this helps to create a better single erection. When used on a regular basis, this can help to increase the size of the Corpora Cavernosa chambers. By increasing their capacity, you can over time see a permanent improvement in your erection.

What type of pump should I buy?

There are two main pump types on the market today: air and water assisted. Air assisted pumps work by suctioning the air out of an empty tube, while water assisted pumps use water pressure to create the same suctioning effect.

No matter what pump type you choose to use, it is important to invest in a high quality vacuum device. Low quality devices often have no safety measures to prevent you from over pumping. Over pumping can damage the penis tissues, creating soft spongy erections instead of the rock-hard ones that you’re striving for. These injuries are painful, and often require an embarrassing trip to the doctor for treatment.


If you’re not happy with the hardness of your erection, considering trying a high quality penis pump. When used regularly and according to the directions, you can over time see a permanent improvement in the quality if your erection, leading to a marked improvement in your overall sexual satisfaction as well.

How to Choose the Best Penis Pump

If you’ve decided to purchase a penis pump to improve your erections during sex, you may have begun your search online for the best penis pump for your needs.

But with so many on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the sheer choice. Read on to discover the most important points to consider when purchasing a new male enhancement pump and which ones are recommended as the best choice for someone looking to see significant results from a good quality device.

Remember: Safety should always your number one priority!

best-penis-pumpBefore we discuss the other points to consider when looking for the best penis pump for your needs, it’s important to note that safety should always be your biggest concern.

The best penis pump is essentially the safest one, as you don’t want to put your health at risk or damage your penis in the process.

Water assisted penis pumps are safer to use than air assisted ones, however they are more expensive to purchase. But should this stop you? If you can afford to, it’s always best to choose a quality product that you know won’t be putting you at risk.

Your penis pump should be effective. You’re paying for results and want to see them.

What’s the point in spending money on a new penis pump if it doesn’t work? Anything you purchase should be effective in order to provide value for money and successful results.

penis-pumps-comparisonTherefore, it’s important to look for a penis pump that you know is going to be effective. This can be found by reading previous reviews at and ensuring you are buying from a reputable supplier.

You should be able to use your penis pump at home.

Many men are too self-conscious to go to the doctor and discuss the size of their penis or sexual performance, so it’s not surprising that many choose to take the DIY route.

There are plenty of products on the market today that can be safely used at home, but make sure the product you select is approved for safe at-home use.

Consider ordering HYDROMAX for both safe and effective results.

If you’re looking for a penis pump that’s not only effective but also medically tested and approve, HYDROMAX is a great choice.

They are currently the only manufacturer that offers a penis pump fully backed by medical professionals, giving you a sense of safety and quality on top of the enhanced penis you’ve always wanted.

Authentic HYDROMAX products can only be bought from the official website, so be sure to purchase the real deal directly rather than a potentially hazardous copy.

Why is a water based penis pump a better option than an air assisted pump?

Water based penis pumps are safer to use due to the fact the water prevents you from over pumping the penis, which can put you at risk of injury.

The water will also ensure an even suction and regulated vacuum along the shaft of the penis, giving you a fuller, stronger effect.

hard-erection-good-sexWhen a penis is pumped with air only, it may feel fake or spongy, however with water it will feel as if it really has grown to the desired size.

Plus, when you buy a water pump, you’re essentially getting both kinds in one, as it can be used without water too.

How do I use a HYDROMAX pump to my advantage?

When your new HYDROMAX arrives and it’s time to test it out, you should familiarise yourself with any manufacturer warnings, recommendations or instructions before use.

After reviewing the relevant information, you’re free to get started! It is recommended that you use the pump of any kind for a maximum of ten minutes, however this should be done once per day to achieve the best results.

It’s important to keep up a daily schedule and remember to use your pump even on the days you don’t plan on having sex. However, using the pump before sex is the optimal time as it will help you achieve a larger, harder erection.

By doing a little research into the best penis pumps on the market, including HYDROMAX, you’ll be able to develop a better understanding of what you’d like to accomplish through enhancement products and which ones will help you achieve your goals in the most optimal manner.

Whichever you choose in the end, be sure to stay safe and take care of your health. The result will be a healthy, bigger, harder erection that you won’t be able to wait to use in the bedroom!

Penis Pumps Offered by X4 Labs

Anyone who does a little research into X4 Labs will instantly be able to tell that they’re a big player in the industry. Why? Because of their large, varied selection of high quality male enhancement pumps that are sure to suit the needs of any man looking to improve his confidence and sex life.

Penis pumps are a great choice for men looking to boost the size of their penis during sex. Whlie the results may not be permanent, they can certainly improve the size and shape of the penis and help to fight off erectile dysfunction, leading to a more enjoyable, stress-free experience.

There are four main types of penis pump available on the market today, all of which are currently available through X4 labs.

The Squeeze Ball Penis Pump

The most common type of penis pump on the market worldwide is the Squeeze Ball penis pump. It is named due to its similarity to a rubber squeeze ball. The pump is attached to an air valve which works in effect with the attached tubes in order to pump up the blood pressure in and around the penis and creating a vacuum.

plunger-pumpThe Plunger Penis Pump

A Plunger penis pump works in a similar fashion to a traditional bicycle tyre pump. As with other pumps, they create a vacuum that will help to improve blood flow to the penis, resulting in a harder penis that will stay erect for longer.

The Hand Grip (Trigger Squeeze) Penis Pump

The Hand Grip penis pump is known as one of the best penis pumping devices on the market and is therefore the most popular. It works just as any penis pump would, however it includes an attached hand grip which will ensure a better grip and increased pressure regulation, giving you a better experience and more control.

electric-penis-pumpThe Electric/Automatic Penis Pump

An electric penis pump contains all the essential elements of a manual pump, plus additional ease of use. Electric pumps are advanced devices that can provide fully-regulated suction and adjustable settings to create the perfect technique for your dick.

Plus, electric pumps can be used completely hands free, allowing you to relax and focus on stimulation and the sexual pleasure you’ll be able to enjoy with your stronger erection.

A Selection of Accessories

X4 Labs also offer a full range of penis enlargement and enhancement accessories that can be used in combination with your penis pump for an optimal experience.

You’ll find everything from Premature Ejaculation Spray to Lubricating Cream to Cleansing Pads specifically designed for cleaning your male enhancement equipment.

Knowing you can buy everything you’re looking for in one place with one transaction definitely makes your online shopping experience easier, so it’s a point worth considering when deciding where to purchase your penis enhancement products.

x4logoWhy X4 Labs?

X4 Labs aim to provide the highest quality service possible, which includes offering useful advice to their customers. Whether you’ve placed an order or are simply considering an X4 Labs pump, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the company’s 24-hour helpline and email support services.

Additionally, X4 Labs runs a YouTube channel that gives users a closer, more in depth the range of products on offer whilst showing exactly how to use them to achieve their optimal potential.

A company with this level of dedication to customer service is always a good choice, especially as their sales have proven to be reputable.

When buying from, you’re also guaranteed to be getting the genuine product and not a low quality imitation. is the only online licensed retailer of X4 Labs products. Don’t put your health at risk by choosing a cheap knockoff.

geat-sexFrom viewing the range of around 17 different penis pumps on offer, you’re certain to find one that’s suited to your penis shape and size as well as the budget you have in mind. A better sex life and bigger, harder erections need not be unattainable!

However, whichever type of Penis Pump you use, remember that it’s vital to keep using it on a regular basis to achieve better results each time.

Penis pumps are simple to use, are able to treat erectile dysfunction, are non-invasive and can be used in combination with other male enhancement products or treatments, so take a look at X4 Labs today. They may not be the very best or most luxurious product on the market, but they’re effective at achieving their purpose and helping you achieve your goals.