How to help the Blood Flow to Stronger Erections

It’s only natural for men to want bigger, harder, and more frequent erections. Some men are lucky to never experience a drop in quality or quantity of erections until well in their 50’s, but for the rest of us, we are open ears for any ideas on how to retain the hardwood of our youth.

stronger-erectionAs more research is conducted on sexual health, we learn more ways about how our lifestyles affect body’s capabilities, including sexual performance. It may sound obvious, but a healthy heart is important for a healthy sex life. Not only does a strong heart keep physical endurance strong, allowing for longer rounds in the bedroom, but it also maintains a strong blood flow into a man’s favorite organ.

Let’s take a closer look at how fitness and cardio health can improve your erections.

Physiologically Harder

The science of sex and what happens to our bodies is a beautiful subject, one that is often traded for quick facts and basic tips. When you are having sex with your lover, your blood is pumping harder to reach those muscles that are working AND keeping your erection going. Blood also plays a huge role in keeping the pleasure high for you, distributing the chemicals and hormones that are responsible for physical and emotional pleasure.

Without a healthy cardiovascular system, you may experience ebbs and flows of pleasure, loss of erections, and an overall loss in energy, causing frustration by both parties. Even the process in which blood transfers the nutrients that fuel the rest of the body has an impact on your experience level while having sex.

Making it Happen

The key to improving your erections through healthy cardio lifestyle is to maintain a steady exercise schedule. You don’t need to be running marathons or hitting the gym for 40 hours a week to keep your dick hard. Just put in a good 20-30 minute jog every other day or an intense 1-2 hour session three times per week and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits from having a healthier heart.

This newfound energy and stamina will result in a compounding of extra libido, too. It increases your degree of arousal and the frequency, due to not only a boost in hormone activity, but also that extra boost of confidence from being able to put in the work for a much longer time.

penis-pumpingPumping things Up

If the above advice on improving your exercise regimen doesn’t sound like it can benefit you much, due to already being fairly active, you may be desperately looking for another answer. Those of us who have been inside any of the adult bookstores in town may have seen those “penis pumps” or extenders on the shelves. They can be expensive, so it’s not easy to just throw a bunch of money at something you’ve never seen or tried before.

The basic premise of the penis pump is a legitimate solution to getting bigger, harder, and longer erections. They do essentially give you a bigger penis, and when paired with a cock ring, you can go longer in the sack without the stress of ever losing your erection while changing positions and etc.

While the penis pumps don’t permanently solve the problem with bigger erections, they do apply the same idea of increasing blood flow into the penis and granting you more satisfying sex. They not only increase your performance, they also heighten the sensitivity for you. It’s best to ignore any erection products that make outlandish claims of gaining inches in length or girth.

better-sexPlaying it Safe

The supplements aren’t under strict regulations, so they can essential promise whatever they want. There are plenty of natural alternatives out there that actually do have success stories and won’t cause you any harm. Many supplements are essentially relying on the classic “placebo effect” that has you telling your brain that “this stuff works” and seeing results, whether they are based in reality or not.

Some men who find that their erection problems go beyond usual blood flow issues will resort to surgical solutions. This drastic decision is reserved for those who have actual biological defects that impedes the blood flow into the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction and Bath Mate Exercises

No one likes admitting that they’re having issues with erectile dysfunction. It’s an awkward conversation to have with a partner or a doctor, so it’s often easier to buy over the counter male enhancement pills or fall into whatever the latest fad is in search of an effective treatment. The Bath Mate water pump is a great tool for treating erectile dysfunction and improving your overall sexual satisfaction.

Erectile-DysfunctionWhat is Erectile Dysfunction? Can you treat it at home?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as ‘the inability to maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying sexual activity.’ When most people hear those two words, they immediate think of the late night infomercials for pills like Viagra or Cialis, both of which require a doctor’s appointment and a prescription to obtain.

Some say that by using a high quality penis pump on a daily basis, you may be able to improve your erection and that this technique can even be used to treat erectile dysfunction without the need for prescription medications. The best way to achieve these ends is to use the Bath Mate water-assisted pump.

water-assisted-pumpWhy water-assisted pumps?

For an inexperienced user, water-assisted penis pumps are often the safest and most effective tools. Because the vacuum tube is filled with water, there is no danger of over pumping, which could potentially damage the penis. The water also helps distribute the suction evenly over the entire shaft of the penis, ensuring the best results.

Why Bath Mate?

Bath Mate is, without a doubt, the best and most effective water assisted pump in the UK market today. It is designed to provide the best results in the safest manner possible, and also offers a variety of sizes and accessories to cater to every penis size and shape imaginable.

The only other water assisted pump is offered by Penomet, but it costs more for inferior quality.

Bath-Mate-resultsHow do Bath Mate exercises work?

Bath Mate pumps are designed to help you get the best results without taking too much time out of your day. Simply use the pump for 15-30 minutes every single day, while taking your daily bath or shower. For best results, use the pump exercises 5 days a week.

We recommend that no matter you previous experience with vacuum-assisted pumps, you start with the lowest suction level possible and gradually increase the amount of suction each week as you progress.

By using the pump 5 days a week, not only are you improving the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa (the chambers that hold the blood in your penis during an erection), but you are training your body to send more blood to your penis during an erection. This will, over time, help to create a harder, stronger and more powerful erection that will also have a positive effect on your overall sexual satisfaction.


By investing in a Bath Mate water-assisted pump, you are making sure that you are going to achieve the best results by employing the highest quality tool on the market.

Lasting Longer in Bed and Keeping your Woman Satisfied

sexual-satisfactionMen and women can have vastly different experiences in the bedroom if either partner is only about reaching their own climax, rather than making sure both of you get there. Unfortunately, this problem lies mostly on the man, as it is just biologically simpler to reach orgasm. This puts men under pressure in society to not be that “two-pump chump” that gets laughed at in the movies. How you prevent yourself from orgasming before she does is part art and part psychology.

The go-to technique, of course is to just bombard your mind with unsexual thoughts and imagery, like sports scenery, your wrinkly old boss, or just staring off into a corner of the room. This distraction technique can definitely work, but it’s merely a temporary solution that only makes you extend the inevitable, rather than focusing on making sure your partner is pleased. Here are some better tips to keep you going and make your partner get there too.

Variations in Strokes

If your sex game just involves giving it to her as hard and strong as possible before you tap out and if she doesn’t cum before you, then “oh well”—you need to step it up. All great lovers have a mix of strokes that keep them from climaxing too early, while delivering the best combination of short, deep, fast, slow, and hard strokes to give her maximum variety.

Sure, some women prefer it hard and fast when they can get it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a longer session that is setup to insure they reach the top of their climax every time.

be-a-sexy-manThe art of the Tease

A highly underrated aspect of having sex is creating a build-up of lust that can improve any man’s sex life, no matter how poor they think they are in the sack.

You know what it’s like to have a girl present herself in the most ridiculously sexy dress, seduce you with her eyes, lips, and body language, and drive you mad with dirty talk leading up to the end of the night. Some women have that power to make any man cum almost instantly.

Well, men can have that same effect on women, even if they’re not Brad Pitt.

It’s all about confidence and the art of teasing her all the way into the bedroom and keeping it going until she begs you to send her over the edge.

sexual-staminaTrain Yourself

The best way to get better at something is through practice, right?

Well, when it comes to sex, you are best off masturbating in between sessions to practice your stamina. It might sound dumb to the average guy out there, but challenging yourself to last longer during your own jack off sessions is a way to create a habit out of staying hard longer and preventing yourself from orgasming until you are ready.

Of course, it sounds easier than it is in practice. You are used to simply getting yourself to climax as fast as possible because porn viewing is always something that is difficult to do without chance of interruption for most people. When you have the opportunity to have a long, interrupted masturbation session, use this to bring yourself to the edge of climax and just stop there and keep going again for as many times as you can, you will see an improvement in stamina and better orgasms for both you and your partner.

Hidden Muscles

When you orgasm, both male and female, lots of muscles are working in unison to pump those feel-good erogenous zones full of blood, and to pump ejaculate out. The most central muscles to controlling this pumping action during orgasm are dubbed the “PC muscles” which men can identify by stopping and starting the flow of urine. You typically don’t think that you are actually using a muscle to do that. Like all muscles, you can strengthen it, and in this case, the muscle has a direct impact on the arousal and the blood flow to the penis. Just by flexing it daily, try for 10-20 times in a row, will improve your quality of erections, allowing for you to go longer in the bedroom and be more in-tune with yourself.

Male Enhancement Supplements

If you’ve tried everything in the book and just can’t take the inconsistency of lovemaking sessions anymore, there’s no shame in trying out the blue magic pill. It will not only make you harder, keep you harder, but it will give you more confidence and more time before you reach orgasm. Even after you orgasm, it enables most men to keep going, increasing the arousal of their women greatly until they reach their big “O”.