A Book That is All About the Truth About Life After Divorce

Divorce can be a journey like no other.

Often, knowing what to believe (and what simply is not so) can be one of the most challenging and trying parts of this long road. Here is some great news:

ReSingled: 12 Truths, Half-Truths & UnTruths of Divorce is that book.

Regardless of where you are right now in your personal journey of becoming a “re-single,” there is something in this book for you. Guaranteed!


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Who is Re-Singled for?

Icon - Check MarkRe-Singled is for anyone who has just started the process of divorce.
Icon - Check MarkRe-Singled is for anyone who is going through a divorce.
Icon - Check MarkRe-Singled is for anyone who has been through a divorce.
Icon - Check MarkRe-Singled is for anyone who is thinking about going through a divorce.

After reading this book, when it comes to moving forward, you will be able to do so in a powerful and positive way, no matter what your situation is.

What is in Re-Singled?

Icon - Check MarkTruth: The First Step Will Change You Forever
Icon - Check MarkTruth: Healing Feels Freeing, Positive, Uncertain and Scary as Hell
Icon - Check MarkHalf-Truth: After Divorce, Everyone Gets Along Better
Icon - Check MarkHalf-Truth: One Person Always Gets Screwed in Divorce
Icon - Check MarkUnTruth: Divorce is the Easy Way Out
Icon - Check MarkUnTruth: Your Divorce Story Doesn’t Matter

…And so much more. This is a must have book for any person who is ready to take that step towards becoming a successful ReSingle.

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What People Are Saying About ReSingled

I was honored to design the “Re-Singled” eBook. Whether you believe in coincidences or the universe’s timing or whatever it may be, this project was plunked in my lap at a time I needed it most. Not only did I design the eBook, I read the book as someone who was in the process of becoming re-singled herself. This book spoke to me as a very good, caring friend might. The book is gentle, but blunt. It echoed what I was going through and I felt as though I wasn’t crazy. Or selfish. I was sitting in my van in a parking lot one night instead of going home. I came across the part of the book where the author talks about doing anything to not be at home. Grocery shopping. The book store (where I’d just come from doing that exact thing). I believe I even said “Are you kidding me?!” out loud. I couldn’t believe I was reading my life and what I was going through. I highly recommend this book to anyone on the path of being or becoming re-singled. ~ Jackie www.whatdidshesay.ca

I downloaded this book for my Kindle from Amazon and once I started, I couldn’t put it down. It made so much sense and it was as if Ms. Block was speaking directly to me. She has lived it, and her advice was so clear and concise and made so much sense. I have reread the book several times and have enjoyed it more every single time. Thank you for your wise words! ~ Michael C.

I had read about Lee’s book on another site, and bought it, and was amazed. She not only tells it like it is, but her own story is so powerful and it was as if she had lived my story. I felt like she really understood me, even though I had never even been to her site. She converted me though, and I have been a faithful reader of not only her site, but her book as well! ~ Kelly H. Boulder, CO

I felt like I had been blindsided when my marriage ended. I had called Lee for a free consultation, and then her book came out and I bought it. After reading it, I called her up and hired her for Coaching immediately. She is truly amazing. Her insight and empathy and understanding of divorce and life after divorce has really helped me find my way. I just can’t thank her enough for everything. ~ Stephen L.

This book helped me as I was going through the process of divorce. I really didn’t understand the half-truths and untruths and without reading the book, don’t think I could have walked away from the process feeling as whole as I did. Thank you for helping me through a very difficult time. ~ Marsha H.

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