Fashions For The Post-Divorce Woman


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In post-divorce, there is nothing better for picking yourself up than a new wardrobe. For many women, this may be the first time in years they have been conscious of high fashion. For others, it is a natural progression in their lives, and the need for new clothes can help purge memories of the marriage and the recent past. Regardless of your age or style, there are a few post-divorce essentials that women should use to rebuild their wardrobe. Whether it’s for a day out at the park with the kids, or for impressing a new date, there are a few staple items that can help ensure you get the most utility from your wardrobe.

When coming out of a divorce, many of us feel we should stick to more conservative colors and styles. In fact, there is no better time to explore your true fashion identity. Divorcees more than anyone should feel drawn to bright color, bold prints and strong designs that will make them feel ready to face the day. Florals and “younger” fashions shouldn’t be eliminated – there is absolutely no reason why divorcees shouldn’t enjoy the same fashions as their single counterparts.

Every wardrobe needs a strong foundation of jeans. Jeans are your best friend – easy for matching up with most things, and the perfect complement to most of your wardrobe. A good pair of designer jeans is crucial for more formal occasions, and with a little creativity this can be adapted to provide a basis for more numerous outfits. Rolled up jean legs, for example, can easily team up with heels to give a stylish, everyday fashion look. Or, with baggy or flared jeans, a more relaxed air can be created that allows for accessories to take center stage.

fashions-for-the-post-divorce-woman2Beyond Levis jeans, you need a few staple tees. Strong colors are a definite consideration here, and don’t feel shy about choosing prints that express your individuality. For many post-divorcees, this is the first time they feel like a genuine individual for years. Why not run with this feeling and get clothing you feel accentuates your individual style and personality. That is the true route to fashion nirvana.

Many of us enjoy the retail therapy of a new handbag, new pair of shoes or sunglasses. Do not underestimate the value in this. A whole new range of accessories can spice up dated outfits, and help you feel more stylish in a range of your existing clothes. Breathe a new lease of life into old dresses with a necklace or choker, or choose a scarf to tighten up a more casual look.

Divorce doesn’t need to be a reason to stop thinking about fashion. Instead, you should look to express yourself more fully through the clothes you wear, and you will feel much more comfortable with your dress as a result. Take confidence from your divorce, and get back out into the world. While this is difficult for many of us getting back on our feet, the quickest way to recover from this emotional time is to throw yourself straight back into life. And what better start than fashion?

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