Mena Suvari: Next Up on the Divorce Chopping Block

Mena SuvariAnother celebrity couple hits the skids, as Mena Suvari files for divorce from hubby of just 18 months, Simone Sestito. This is marriage number 2 for her and who knows for him, because who knows who he even is, as he is really just a baby, being barely out of the womb at age 27, but that’s a whole other issue.

Here is the real issue, as I see it, and it’s not that we are going to mourn yet another Kim Kardashian mishap mistake of a marriage or Sinead O’Connor short lived nuptial on again off again I love you I hate we had hot sex we didn’t have hot sex make up break up type of story, the real issue is that the lessons we are learning from these celebs that are on every single internet news source, including Huffington Post, is marriage is a throw-away proposition.

Throw Away Marriage

What exactly makes stars like, Russell Brand and Katy Perry, feel like they can get married and then throw that marriage away with the banana peels in the garbage as if it means nothings? Is it because they possess star power they feel they are above it all and therefor don’t posses the same feelings as mere mortals like the rest of us? I doubt that. Is it because they have more money than God and can afford to cut and run on a whim? Maybe. Or, is it just the lifestyle of the rich and overexposed? Seems to be the growing trend and most likely.

For most of us mere mortals, marriage is not a throw away proposition and when we ponder the idea of divorce it is with forethought and insight and hardly spur of the moment decision-making. There are factors to consider, things to think about, emotions to overcome and lives that need to altered and changed.

Don’t Follow The Leader

It’s always better to think for yourself and take your own path, but in life, it’s often easier to follow the herd. In the case of the celebrity marriage though, don’t follow the leader. They don’t lead by example and if they are, then the example they are setting is becoming pretty piss poor when it comes to how to hang onto a relationship.

The length of marriages are getting shorter, the divorces are getting nastier, the amounts of money being spent are getting larger and the time it takes before they are in new relationships is becoming sooner.  Is this what we want to aspire to be, much less teach our children it is okay to do? I hope not, but how do we keep it away from them, when we are not only inundated with it, we are fascinated by it?

The Reality of Reality

The reality of what we are seeing in print or on our computer screens is not the reality that we see in our everyday lives, and the more I see of what the reality of these stars is, the more I think how lucky we are that our reality is at the very least true.

I can’t help but laugh with a side of eye roll every time I hear of another celebrity marriage that has hit the skids. Is that mean? Maybe, but let’s face it, they are back on their feet and usually remarried within a year, so maybe it’s not. I think the fact that it makes news is ridiculous. Imagine if every time a divorce got filed it made the news, there wouldn’t be any room for who is running for president, and then what we all be talking about?

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  • Del Williams

    I think there are varying sides to a story. We don’t know why people get divorced. I don’t think it is because they don’t value marriage at all. I think as a celeb, a rich one, not like reality TV one, there are lots of reasons. Some men can’t handle famous women, the public scrutiny, etc. In all the marriages you mention, the woman is the more famous one. Studies have shown that even with the progress women have made, some men are not keen to be “Mr insert celeb name.” I applaud them more than the ones who just shack up, have kids, and play married without the real commitment. THAT is the slap in marriage’s face. But we are more accepting of that than we are of a quick divorce and everyone moving on. My only issue is with the women who are foolish enough not to have pre-nups who end up giving these guys millions to get out of it. I look at that as a male opportunist. It’s just my opinion, but we see the celeb stuff, but they are no different than other marriages, we just don’t see it splashed on the front page of website. 

    • LeeBlock

      Exactly, we don’t see it splashed across every site in America…because if we did, we would see nothing else.  And, believe me, these celebs do pay out the you know what to get out of these marriages as quick as possible…you should hear these numbers that are thrown around for spousal support…it’s unbelievable!!

  • Sam

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