Divorce Recovery

Divorce is the end of a life as you know it.  How do you cope?  How do you recover?  And more importantly, how do you get over the anger so you can not only co-parent, but find the you that YOU love?

In co-authoring this new post divorce point of view column, I have thought about what I am trying to do with this site and with my consulting practice.

This site is not about the laws and how fair or unfair they are.  This site is not an advocate for the women of divorce or the men of divorce.  This site is an advocate for everyone of divorce, and especially the children.

If you got screwed in your child support, I will help you get over it and make what you get work for you.  If you don’t feel you get enough parenting time, I will help you figure out how to get more time, make the most of the time you have and how to keep in touch to maintain that parent/child connection when you are away from your children.

If your co-parent won’t co with you, I will give you tools to use to help you co-parent and get the results that you need.  I am not an attorney, mediator or therapist.  I am a consultant.  I do not consult about the laws and whether you should go back to court or not because I am not qualified to do that.  I can give you my opinion on your specific case, or tell you what I believe, but the bottom line is I am here to help you in your divorce recovery.

This site is all about empowerment and healing, and although the weekly post divorce point of view column with Michael from Mr. Custody Coach will be about laws, it will also be about recovery.  I think it is vital for all sides to understand where the other is coming from in order to heal and move forward.  Wives need to hear how their ex spouses feel about not having enough time with their kids and ex wives need to hear how the father’s feel about paying for support.  We need to listen to each other to try to change the system and also to heal from the wounds that divorce brings.

I am twice divorced and know how to set aside the anger to make it work for the children.  I do it every single day, so I know it can be done.  I do not have an ideal divorce, and more importantly, I know how difficult it is to co-parent, get a job and make your money stretch.  I know how difficult it is to be the new wife, the ex-wife and the step parent.  I know what I am talking about.

Once you are divorced, you are in business with that person for the rest of your life.  The business of raising children.  With the right amount of desire, the anger will dissipate and the business of raising the children will be able to begin.  And from there you will be able to bloom as an individual and become empowered on the road to divorce recovery and self discovery.

If you are interested in finding out more about my post divorce consulting services I would love to talk to you about it.  My hope is that this site will touch one person and help them make the changes necessary to be happy.  I love feedback, and welcome it in the comments section or if you want a more private forum, use the contact form.

Acknowledge, Accept, Empower and Heal.

Lee Brochstein About Lee Brochstein

Lee Brochstein is a certified professional divorce coach, blogger, a well-known author and a nationally known expert from her appearances on television and radio talk shows. She enjoys alliteration, Mad Men, Big Bang, mixed breeds, vanilla lattes, red wine and her kids when they aren’t killing each other. Follow her on twitter and Facebook.